IC: Ideas Consortium / Habeas Corpus | Belligerent Eyes

07:27 min / Film
Performance / 06.2019 / Fondazione Prada, Milan

Author, Direction / Larry Mayorga
Cinematography / Matte Chi
Technology Infrastructure / Amilcare Canali
Music / Larry Mayorga, Daniele Guerrini
Editing / Larry Mayorga, Loris Gentile, Giovanni Fantoni
VFX, Color Correction / Matteo Toffalori
Text / Lars Noren "Le 20 Novembre"
Costume Design / Luigi Cippini, Joshua Brinksman with PRADA
Executive Producers / Larry Mayorga, Lola Toscani, Max Brun
Production / Anna Barberini, Vittoria Dami, Marlene Fantoni

Experiment Coordination / Dr Vittorio Gallese, Professor of Physiology, Dept. Of Neuroscience, University of Parma, Italy
Neuroscientific Team / Martina Ardizzi PhD
Marta Calbi PhD, Marta Calbi PhD
Thermal Imaging Processing / Stephanos Ioannou, Dept. of Physiological Sciences Al Faisal University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With / Stacy Martin, James Northcote, Jessamine Bliss Bell, Cesar Domboy, India De Almeida, Rajeev Badan, Laura Dondoli, Marco Tonino, Iante Roach, Silvia Costa Andrea Maffei, Salvatore Licausi

On November 20th 2006 Sebastian Bosse drove to his high school in Emsdetten, Germany and opened fire against hundreds of students. During a live performance set up with 12 actors performing Bosse's last words before committing suicide, the actors along with members of the audience were monitored with thermal cameras and empatica bracelets.

A combination between behavioral research, acting and neurological experiment, this project (conducted by Neurologist Vittorio Gallese) intends to highlight an empatical correlation between actors and audiences, and their response to non-fiction material within a studio fictional setting.