IC: Ideas Consortium

Building 275 Suite 403
63 Flushing avenue Unit 251
Brooklyn NY 11205
United States of America

T +1 917 719 1592

IC: Ideas Consortium is a studio for multilayered, fluid cinema, theatre and installation artwork made out of ideas, connections, behaviors, communities, culture, sounds, images, science, craft, technology and poetic critical studies. Art and ideas are the studio’s main and given instruments of working. IC was founded by artist and filmmaker Larry Mayorga in 2017 in New York.

Moving from colour to black and white, noise, sound and orchestration to silence, landscapes and arenas to stages, the future to the present to the past and back again, the studio’s work is embedded with disjunctions, echoes, secrets, and the textures, concerns and materiality of the world.

With a fascination with the aftermath of colonialism and geopolitics, private and public identities, opposites and mirrored images, technological archeology, early cinema and an original type of lyricism, the studio’s work acts as an encyclopedic display or repertoire of interests, similar to a chain or a caterpillar of ideas and images that perform like alka-seltzer on water, first effervescent then part of it all, forever.